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Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy creates a space to explore our inner world and relational experiences.  It is a unique chance to learn how our biology, early life experiences, attachments... inform our present life and relationships.  Deep work in individual therapy deepens the rest of our lives while reducing common psychological pains, such as depression and anxiety.

Couples Therapy

Couples generally come to therapy when they struggle with repetitive arguing, relationship crises, and unresolved conflicts.  We will work together to develop an awareness of how your present issues are informed by your early life relationships.  The therapy will focus on developing communication skills to help the two of you express yourselves fully to each other while staying connected together.

Group Therapy 

Group therapy offers the unique opportunity to gain support and challenge with others who are interested in knowing more about themselves and how they relate.  Group members can expect to come into contact with dynamics from their original families as they explore their feelings, thoughts, and life stories with each other.  During this process, the resistances to connecting with oneself and others become more clear.  Working through these resistances helps alleviate the depression and anxiety many people seek out therapy to reduce.

Better Together

If you have interest in joining a group contact me. We can talk about what you are looking for and if working together in group might be helpful. It is helpful if you have worked in individual therapy prior to joining group. It's useful to know something about your psychological history and how it might show up in group.

Parent Consultation 

 A challenging kid is having a tough time on the inside, and they seem to share that struggle with their parents.  If you are struggling to understand and help a child navigate the difficulties of life, you are welcome here.  I specialize in working with parents to form a deeper grasp on their child’s suffering, and their own.  It can be incredibly challenging for all the members of a family when one of the kids is highly sensitive, defiant, depressed, and hard to reach emotionally.  I like to make space for parents to vent, and also to learn better ways to care for each other and communicate with their kids.  

Please Note

I do not accept credit cards.  I am not on any insurance panels, which makes me out of network.  I provide receipts which can be sent to insurance companies.

Training Groups 

The training group is designed for therapists interested in knowing more about themselves and how their unique life experience and subjectivity affects and informs their clinical work.  The group meets weekly and blends interpersonal therapy with case consultation.  This frame allows members to gain a deeper understanding of their professional self.


Individual Therapy                              $200

Couples Therapy                                $200

Group Therapy and Training Group     $80

Parent Consultation                            $200

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